If you follow my twitterings (and the question is why wouldn't you....) you have seen me mention a few times that I need to clean. I promise that I am not some neat freak that is vacuuming every few hours. I have found, however, that I am much more active and at peace when my apartment is clean. However all of those previous discussions of cleanings were more along the lines of straightening up. Tonight however, was a real clean brought on by the visit of my mother and my aunt. The only thing that I can think of that would cause more of a frenzy than cleaning for the visit of my mother would be cleaning for the visit of my grandmother. She doesn't come to Houston that often, so thankfully I don't have to worry about that too much.

Between that and writing emails my whole evening has been shot.

Two random thoughts. I think I might be too thin skinned to be on the internet. I honestly treat people the way I would in person and I take comments personally. It is hard for me to be tough and anything other than sincere and I worry about what other people think of me. All things that don't translate so well on the tubes.

Second, Gypsy has started the hair pulling again and it is stressing me out. If I put her back on Z/D I think the diarrhea will return, but she obviously must be bothered to be pulling the hair. There was a few beautiful months where she stopped and I wish I knew why she started again.

Good morning...

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