The Weekend

I have felt for more than a week that I have been really behind in all my online endeavors and tonight I finally feel mostly caught up. I have a few more cities to contact for my first round at photobloggers and I'll take care of that in the next day or two. The exhibition will be officially announced tomorrow (yay!) and this afternoon/evening I caught up on all my email and feeds (although it was more like skimming for important posts and marking everything else read...)

The weekend was good. My mom flew in Friday and my aunt arrived Saturday morning. We had a great time at the museum, a wonderful dinner at Las Alamedas (steak with a mustard sauce topped with crab... YUM!) and of course Wicked was wonderful. Everyone left this afternoon and I headed out to Memorial Park and then GHPA.

Next weekend I go to the farm to make up for missing Easter. Its hard to be disconnected from the internet for that long (basically 30 hours with no internet access). Sometimes dealing with family is stressful. I am an only child and have only a handful of cousins who are either 10 years older than me or 15 years younger than me. I am in my age group all by myself. So although I love my younger cousins, I'm not a high school/college kid and although I love my cousins, aunts, uncles, mother, grandmother, I am not retired, nor do I have a husband and children. And I was reminded this weekend that the family is getting older and with that comes things that are inevitable: some out moded ways of thinking, moving at a very slow pace, and having a hard time seeing me as anything different than the insecure child I was 20 years ago. I know my family will always be there for me and I'm grateful for that. Sometimes though its just hard.

Whoosh. That was a serious paragraph. And to end this weekend wrap up let me tell you about the upcoming week. We begin that big test in Texas whose name I will not mention. The test starts on Tuesday for most, but lucky me I get to read the test to a child so I get to start tomorrow. Five days of testing followed by a weekend at the farm. I have a feeling I will be pretty stressed out next Sunday. And then I turn 35 the week after. Just one stressful thing after another.


Good morning...