Satisfied and Sorrowful

The results of reading a really good book, or in this case, a series. Satisfied that you have just experienced something wonderful. I truly have a hard time understanding non-readers. There is nothing like losing yourself in a book. Sorrowful that you have to leave that world when the book (or series) comes to an end. A lot of times I just don't leave, and find myself re-reading a lot, although I usually just re-read the light hearted fare in stressful times.

I just finished the Abhorsen Trilogy and I absolutely love it. I'm so sad partly because of the way the book winds up your emotions at the end and partly because I know that the series is over. This will not be like some other sci-fi/fantasy series that find themselves with countless books written in their world. There is one other book from this world, a collection of short stories, that I will try to get my hands on soon. Garth Nix, and the Abhorsen Trilogy (or Old Kingdom), is labeled as young adult, but I find nothing young adult about it. Not like his other series that I have read, The Seventh Tower, which is definitely for a younger reader, but highly enjoyable as well. Abhorsen deals with very dark themes, especially death, and I think it really is just an extremely easy to read adult book. If having the main characters be young women automatically labels you as young adult, then oh well. If you like Fantasy this is definitely a must. I love it and am sad to leave The Old Kingdom.

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