The Cola Wars

Onesome: The-- marketing of goods and services. ...and the things they do to try to get us to buy their products! Are there any advertisments or commercials that really stand out to you right now?

It isn't exactly new, but this is one of my favorite commercials in recent times.


Twosome: Cola-- cola, cola: which cola do you drink? ...or do you? ...or the UnCola? (Do you remember that ad campaign?)

Coke. Sometimes I'm also occasionally in the mood for Sprite or Dr. Pepper or even Root Beer. And there are always long stretches where I don't drink any soda at all. But Coke is my favorite.

Threesome: Wars?-- Are there any good advertising wars going on in your area? Burgers, newspapers, ISPs?

It's hard to say, I hardly listen to advertisements. Most of my shows are on my DVR so I skip over the commercials and I listen to podcasts in the car so I'm not listening to them there either. I wouldn't classify it as an advertising war, but I have noticed ads for the French masterpieces exhibit from the Metropolitan Museum of Art which is currently showing at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston every where. I don't think I've ever seen so many ads for one art exhibit in so many places.

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