Stop Playing!

As concert time approaches, my curse appears once again. I get songs that the students are working on stuck in my head. Probably because we are past the basic learning phase and the songs are starting to take shape. Sometimes it is ok, especially if it is a good piece of music, but most of the time it is down right annoying. The songs playing in my head are REALLY loud and I can't shake them even if I sing other pieces. That happened to me today. No matter what I did, I couldn't shake lose Breaking Free from High School Musical (don't judge me... it's the Spring Concert... they are 11 year olds and they are also doing the '20s piece Side by Side)

Thankfully in rides Jeff to the rescue who posted on his blog today about Xanadu the Musical. 30 minutes later and I'm finally free of my afternoon music curse in favor of a much more pleasurable one.


Go on, you know you want to click the link. And as an aside, maybe I'm attracted to guys with longer hair because of Sonny (Michael Beck). His is just about the perfect length. I was young (only 8) when it came out, so I'm sure it must have made some impression on me.

Dang it. Breaking Free regained a foothold while I was looking for the clip. Curses!


If you love me....