Innate Organizational Skills

Onesome: Innate-- talents? Do you have any you're willing to share? Maybe perfect pitch? ...or the ability to tie a cherry stem into a knot with your tongue? How about a "sense of direction"? Surely you can toss something out to the gang to to wonder about...

Let's see what I can come up with.....I have a talent for knowing when couples are about to get together. I always know right before the world knows. It is like there are visible vibrations in the air. No? Yeah well in my case that's a curse anyway because it is always some guy I'm interested in and it means another single guy is off the market. Hmmm... I'm very good at explaining things. Is that a talent? You may think that all teachers can explain things, but really some are not very good at it.

Oh wait... I got it. I can type super fast. SUPER FAST.

Twosome: Organizational-- style? "A place for everything and everything in its place"? ...or maybe, "the bills are somewhere in that stack" and the calendar still says "2006"? What's your system?

A place for everything and everything in it s place, otherwise I can't find it. If it isn't where its supposed to be I'm totally lost because I can't remember anything. And right now my office and house are under the somewhere in that stack system and I feel very out of sorts.

Threesome: Skills-- How are you about power tools? ...and tools in general? Are you a user or do you call someone to assist?

Oh no, I'm not good with tools although I'm very proud of my picture display bar and clock that I hung all by myself.

How about you? When you're ready, post your answers in your own space, and leave a comment here so we can find you!

Are you kidding me?