Are you kidding me?

Have you ever done something so bone headed at work, that you dreaded going in? You knew that people were going to be talking about you behind your back or maybe even in front of your face for weeks. That you can not deny the fact that you did something bone headed and that no matter how you try to pass the blame, everyone knows it is YOUR fault.

Anyone know what that feels like? Yeah, well me either thankfully. But I do know someone who is feeling this way. That would be the first year teacher at my school who was in charge of the yearbook. I started hearing rumors about it on Thursday when the books arrived and kids starting telling me that one particular student who happened to be on the staff was in the book an inordinate amount of times. Then I heard a rumble that the cover was kind of plain. Then I heard that they misspelled the principal's name three different times, three different ways. Keep in mind that the books have not even been widely distributed yet.

Well this morning the band director came and told me that she had heard that the band and the choir were not in the yearbook at all. AT ALL. My reaction? WHAT!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? WHAT!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME????

I gave that woman the choir pictures in January. Everything clearly labeled and I even emailed her the files. I'm so shocked that I am actually numb. After my initial outburst, I have felt nothing. Certainly not boiling anger like my assistant, but just numb. There was a big school trip today, plus my own choir trip so I think the real gossiping will begin in earnest on Monday.

And what can I possibly say to her? There is nothing I can think of because what's the point? She can't go back and fix the yearbook and she obviously will not be in charge of it next year. I almost feel sorry for her because she screwed up on such a royal scale. It's like the Southwest Airline commercials about getting away. She needs to get away.

It's just sad because the band and choir make up half the school population. And the 8th graders will have a crappy record of their last year at our school.


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