Super Mario Brothers

Onesome: Super-- heroes and comic book characters? Have you seen "Spiderman 3" yet? Will you?

I haven't seen it yet, and I doubt I will see it at the theater. I saw Spiderman at the theater, but I didn't see Spiderman 2 until it came out on DVD. I don't mind going to the movies, but a lot of the times I just don't go. When I do go I almost always enjoy the experience and tell myself that I should go more often, but then I just don't. The movies that will probably pull me to the theaters this summer are Pirates of the Carribbean, Harry Potter and Hairspray.

Twosome: Mario-- Brothers led one gaming revolution: are you a gamer? Online? ...or is this one of those things you just don't even notice?

Nah. I don't have the right equipment and I'm not interested enough to buy the right equipment. I know about all the online games and have lots of friends that play, but I don't do it myself. Every once in a while I'll play something from

Threesome: "Brothers-- in Arms"? Just listening to some old Dire Straits this evening: how about something new on your music radar you can share with the gang!

Music? I don't really listen to music remember? Not regular music anyway. I do need to get to a music store so I can buy the soundtrack to Spamalot before it hits town. I'm really looking forward to listening to that one because I know its going to be hilarious.

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