Well it is 2 am and I have just finished catching up on five episodes of 24. I was really behind! But that's ok because I used it to help me get the house cleaned up. Each commercial break I would get up and do something else. Over five shows you get a lot done. I just need to vacuum in the morning and the apartment will be in reasonable shape. That's really good because earlier today, I had just given up on it in my mind and decided I wouldn't mess with it until the end of the school year.

Had fun at the art car parade today. It wasn't as hot as in past years and we had a good spot staked out under the trees. Several other members of Flickr showed up so we had lots of camera talk. Even the person sitting next to us turned out to be a former photography teacher.

This evening I went to see a photo exhibit by my friend Phototainable at the Te House of Tea. That was cool and I could get on the waiting list to show there, but it is amazing the amount of work. I'm just not ready for it and I definitely don't have the money for all the show costs.

Ten more days of school! The concert is on Tuesday and it will be a huge relief when it is over. We still have the Schlitterbahn trip and district tests, etc. but once the concert is over I know it will quickly wind down. I still don't like the end of the year, but it is easier once the last performance is in the books.

I guess I should head to bed now. I doubt I will be waking up at 6 am like I did today.

Happy Hour

Super Mario Brothers