What a day

I'm so glad that today is over. To say that this was a long hard day is an understatement. I woke up to a surprise and upsetting email from a friend. He was not happy with me and let me know it. So I started off the day on a bad foot. When I cry, and yes I cried, it makes me tired and groggy. It also breaks down a barrier so it is easier for me to get upset and cry.

I then went to duty where I found out that there was a school trip today, taking away some of my students before tonight's concert. We received no notification and what really galls me is that if *I* took a trip with no notification I would have been ripped a new one. Then a student who I don't even know was incredibly rude to me and said that I was rude to her in ways that I would NEVER dream of doing. All of this happened before the morning bell rang.

Finally things settled down a little, but I was tired and frankly just exhausted. Throughout the day I wondered if there was something medically wrong with me that was making me so tired or if it was the concert that was bringing me down.

Came home after school and took a 30 minute nap to refresh myself and that helped a lot. I felt much better and the concert went well. Cried at the end of course, and the kids gave me roses. And the best part is that I already feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I usually don't feel relaxed and at ease until at least the next day. It is a good sign if I am already feeling the pressure lifted.

The only thing that mars the evening is this story about Flickr and this story about JPGMag. I own every issue of JPGMag and #10 will be my last. I'm really sad about this because it had such potential. I find that I am like Derek in a lot of ways. I expect people to behave with class and integrity and that has gotten me into trouble with people that behave exactly opposite. What is so hard about treating other people with respect, being honest and having INTEGRITY!

I have come to the realization lately that I am old fashioned and I am ok with that.

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