Star Wars

I feel like I need to say something to mark this day, this 30th anniversary of Star Wars, but anything I say will sound hopelessly hokey. I'm a Star Wars fan. Star Wars is my favorite movie. In years past I have toyed with saying that other movies, most notably The Lord of the Rings, was my favorite movie, but it was only a brief flirtation and I always ended up back at Star Wars.

Most of this started with my Mom, from whom I not only developed my love of Star Wars, but my love of reading. She read all the time, mostly science fiction and fantasy books. I don't really remember Star Wars coming out since I was only 5, but she tells me that we would go to the theater and watch it two or three times in one day. I vaguely remember seeing Empire and I really remember seeing Jedi. In fact I even remember what I was wearing. While other people got their mothers flowers and cards for Mother's Day, this year I got my Mom this book about Star Wars (and now I want one).

I had all the action figures, the toys and the dolls and I really played with them (no keeping things in their perfect plastic cases for me). In fact I lost my Princess Leia doll at South Padre Island. I'd throw her into the water and she'd float back to me and I'd throw her again. One time she didn't come back. I was so upset because I lost my favorite doll. We looked for ages for another one, but never did find it (this was obviously pre-eBay). My favorite accessory was the Millennium Falcon. I don't really want to collect the figures anymore (I don't have anywhere to put it) but I wouldn't mind one of the Falcons one day when I get a real house.

My true love lies with the first three movies, episodes IV, V and VI. I'm not as huge a fan of the prequels, but you will hear only minor grumbling from me because, well, they are Star Wars. I find the whole story arc of Anakin very sad and it stayed with me for weeks after seeing Revenge of the Sith. Only recently have I ventured into the Extended Universe, reading books that are set after Jedi. I want to find ways to stay in this world longer.

I think I have rambled on enough for one night. I just wanted to mark this day by saying I'm a Star Wars fan and proud of it. Go look at some Flickr photos from the Star Wars group or the Star Wars parody from Robot Chicken. May the force be with you!

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