How many is too many?

Can you have too many websites? I think that answer is yes, but it is hard to stop creating new ones.

Let's start with photoblogs. I have my photoblog, Photine, and since I revamped the structure in January, I needed another place to put extra photos. Ones that I wanted to upload for memes or extra shots relating to the theme, but that didn't make the cut. Something more flexible than the structure of my photoblog. Now right there you could stop me and say, just put your extras on Flickr. But Flickr isn't a photoblog in my mind, so that just doesn't work for me. So along comes Patchwork. And that is all fine and good. Then I start hearing about this term, photowalking. And finally, FINALLY I have an explanation for my photo style and how I do 80% of my photography. And I want a site dedicated to this idea. I think it will be good to view my photos in this structure and within this context, thus Photowalking Houston is born.

Ok. Let's move on. I have this personal blog. I got my start in blogging which led me to online photography so a blog is obviously not something I'm going to give up on. I have two groups that I administer: Houston Photobloggers and Assignment: Houston. And then I have various social networks like Flickr and Twitter.

So let's count up shall we? 6. If you take out the group sites, 4. That's a lot. Not to mention the ones that I don't really use like accounts at Vox, LiveJournal, and Tumblr and the sites I do use like Smugmug and Zenfolio. I'm not quite as bad as some, but it is way more than the average person. I should probably stop listening to tech podcasts that talk about all these new sites, but I don't wanna.

No One Reads My Blog

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