Busy, busy, busy

So summer is upon me (after I meet the dry cleaners tomorrow). Right now I feel very restless and bored and I haven't even really had a full day to myself yet. This usually takes a few weeks to subside before I settle into a routine. I want to stay busy but I don't have lots of money. Suggestions?

The other problem is that I have lots of time on my hands to think about my total lack of a love life. Or maybe it is just how I'm feeling right now. I've had a few interactions that petered out into nothing this week and that's discouraging. It sparks a tiny flame of hope that then gets blown out. So I want to keep myself busy to keep my mind off of that as well.

And I want to keep myself busy because all I've done today is eat. Not big things, but snacking throughout the whole day. I definitely don't want to spend the whole break eating. I'm obviously stressed about something or incredibly bored, but that seems impossible this early in my vacation. I am so used to having a long list of things to do that I'm wondering this evening if I am reacting adversely to suddenly having nothing to do. Who knew that vacation would be so much work!

Walking vs 2.0

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