Just in case

Onesome: Just-- in time for summer vacation? Are you there yet? Another week to go? Does it matter (to the moms with little ones and the eight to five crowd)? Just curious how things are across American and around the world...

Well the students officially finished on May 25th and I officially finished on Monday (June 4th) although you wouldn't know it because I have to go back tomorrow to meet the dry cleaners. More to come on adjusting to summer break.

Twosome: in-- times of crisis, what do you do to chill out a bit? Talk to someone? ...take a walk? ...eat a gallon of Ben and Jerry's? Read a book?

I cry and then I eat. And I stress about it a lot. I'm not happy with any of these responses. I would love to transition them over to taking a walk. We'll see.

Threesome: case-- by case? Do you have a carry case for everything that has one available and keep them all populated? ...or do you just stuff gadgetry into whatever is handy when you need to lug it along somewhere?

Kind of in between the two. I stuff gadgetry into my computer bag or camera bag and then lug it along. I don't have cases for each of my little things but do have bags which have great organizing pockets.

How about you? When you're ready, post your answers in your own space, and leave a comment here so we can find you!

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