The last three days

It has been a busy three days since I officially finished working on Monday. My mom flew in Tuesday and just left today. We had a very nice visit (much better than the last one....). After I picked her up we drove the 1940 Air Terminal museum and then onto Glenwood Cemetery. It is so rare for my mom to be here during a weekday that isn't a holiday and we actually had some time to do extra things. She of course loved Glenwood as I knew she would. Then we came home and changed for dinner at Nelore.

We had a funny moment at the restaurant. Nelore is a Brazilian Churrascaria where the waiters walk around with meat on swords. Basically for one price it is all you can eat meat, meat, meat and it isn't cheap ($37). A group of older people came and sat down next to us and they started quizzing the waiter about the place. Can I order off the menu? Can we order a la carte? 37 dollars? All you have is meat? I don't get it. Why can't I just order something else? They got up and left. At that point my mom leaned in and said to me "you know what they would call them in the Valley... Winter Texans." I know that all my Valley friends will get that joke.

Wednesday morning we were up early and off to Houston Nature Center and Arboretum. My mother is a big nature lover so I thought she would enjoy it. We walked along a really cool path through a swamp area, but were getting mobbed by mosquitos. I didn't have mosquito repellent at the house. A quick trip to CVS and we were back at the arboretum all sprayed up. We trekked all over that place and while I'm not a big fan of nature it was nice to spend the time with my mom and she really enjoyed it. The swamp area though was very cool and I'll definitely go back with a big can of repellent and my camera.

After that we went plant shopping. I have decided I wanted to have plants on my patio and since she was here I had her help me pick some out. I am basically a big newbie in terms of plants, gardening, etc. I've only ever had a handful of plants in my life and even then only one at a time until I killed them. So now I have five small, very nice potted plants on my patio and it makes the whole place look different. My patio faces north and is in the shade so we will see how they do.

After that we lounged around, then went out to dinner courtesy of my apartment complex and the gift card they gave me for renewing my lease. The only bad part was when I got a message from the dry cleaner working on my choir uniforms. He said they were ready and then quoted me a price double of what I was expecting. My assistant called and I even stopped by after dinner. I was very upset. The owner finally called back and corrected his mistake.

After that on to Spamalot. My god I love that musical. It is so much fun and so funny. I'm going to try to go again before it leaves town. This morning we had a leisurely breakfast and I took her by the old Gulf Building downtown to show her the restoration before she went to the airport.

All in all a very good visit.

Busy, busy, busy

Just in case