This week so far

So I feel like this is my first week on vacation. Last week was filled with work, and visits and lots of activities. Not so this week. I would tell you what I have been doing the last two days but it is incredibly boring and involves sleeping, watching tv and surfing the internet.

Part of my self imposed exile at home is because my checking account is on fumes. It hasn't been this bad since college which is pitiful. I should be way past this. Thank goodness I get paid on Thursday, but summer is always a dangerous time financially. You are able to do a lot more things, but things cost money. I don't want to sit around all summer like I have the last two days. I want to keep active so I'll be looking for things to do that are free or inexpensive. I think Artshound is going to be my savior. Hopefully it should also help that I will be eating at home a lot more. When you are running to work and working late nights its just easy to pick up food on the way, especially for someone who hates cooking as much as I do. Since I'm not as pressed for time I'll eat what is here. Of course that means keeping the cabinets stocked. And cooking. We'll see how that goes.

So after fighting with it for a long time I finally got the Twitter badge to work on the site. I did not like it when I first saw it, but it is growing on me. You can scroll through my past tweets by clicking on the arrows.

I've also been stewing how to fit the Photowalking site in with Photine. I had planned to use yesterday to process photos, but I couldn't do it until I had these issues sorted out. I think I have finally come around to a solution. It has been interesting because it is obvious that I am a disciple of the "stew" method. I really needed to sit on this idea and let it rattle around for a few days to come up with a solution. And it is such a great feeling when the mists clear and an answer comes floating to the surface.

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