Saturday Updates

So here it is, Saturday. How did I do walking wise? Well I walked 5 out of the last 7 days, but I'm no happy with that. I was only walking a measly 10 minutes and it is dangerous for me to blow off any days, especially since the days were the last two. But I'm moving it up to 15. I've got to, GOT TO do it everyday.

I must get this off my chest. I can be quite stubborn when I know I'm right about something and I KNOW I'm right about the Twitter change. It is too hard to explain in 140 characters, but they definitely have made a change or my account is completely screwed up (I don't think that's it... I didn't change any of my settings.)

In the past I could see when people would talk to someone using the @ symbol. This is NOT the same as a direct message. Direct messages have always been private and have never shown up on people's pages. But when someone would direct at a response to another person, but kept it in the public they would use the @ symbol. So let me use my friends as examples. Let's say that Jeff says something about cookies. All of his friends see that comment. Then Christine responds @jeff with a comment about the cookies, but we all see the comment because I have Jeff and Christine as a friend. So I'm following the conversation. Then Jeff responds back to Christine and again we all see the conversation. That has been one of the best parts about Twitter for me.

But it isn't doing that anymore. Under the recent tab where all of these conversations used to take place only original statements are showing. No more @ are showing up unless they are specifically directed at me. So Jeff talked about cookies, but I didn't see Christine's response or Jeff's follow up. In the past those would stream to me over Twitterific or would appear in my recent tab on my Twitter home page. Now the only reason I know this conversation happened is because I looked at their individual pages. So it isn't exactly private, but you have to go to people's pages to see follow up conversations. That's a waste of time for me. I see that Nick Douglas has started responding to people by just putting their name and not using the @ symbol anymore. I'll probably do the same.

I feel a little like I'm in Gaslight because no one else seems to understand what I'm saying, but there it is. I feel better now that I got this off my chest.

Off to the photobloggers meet up. Stay dry today!

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