Ok, now I want one.

I really held off my iPhone desire for as long as I could. It is pretty remarkable considering what a Mac fan girl I am that I didn't have any real desire for an iPhone before now. I just don't use my cell phone very much (I need more friends!). I'd probably use the internet more but let's face it. The internet experience on a cell phone is miserable. But now the reviews are starting to come in and I WANT ONE. I'm sure it is just all the incredible hype building this week, and I always had it in my plans to get one eventually (you know, like two or three years down the road). So I'm going to just enjoy the incredible hype floating around right now and dream of my white knight who will ride in and save me from my loneliness and show his love for me by feeding my tech habit. Until then enjoy David Pogue's video review of the iPhone.


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VcRfAaIb2Ro]

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