Optimize your Firewall

Onesome: Optimize-- Okay, it's geek time: what do you use to optimize your computer experience? Is there a program or tool or piece of hardware that has made a difference for you

Optimize. Oh... I know. My news feed reader. NetNewsWire. I remember when I used to have folder upon folder of links to blogs and photoblogs. It was a chore checking all those sites and I would routinely prune sites and then add sites back. Nothing beats RSS. It is so easy to subscribe to a site and then after a few weeks if it doesn't really work for me it's gone. I can keep up with so many more sites so much more efficiently with a news reader. Everyone should have one.

And just from my experience, I have found the experience much more enjoyable with a stand alone application, but if you are new to news readers start SOMEWHERE (Bloglines, NetVibes, Google Reader, etc.) It will change your internet.

Twosome: your-- firewall, is it a hardware or a software firewall? ...or is that something you leave to someone else to worry about?

I have both a hardware firewall behind my router and a software firewall running on my computer.

Threesome: Firewall-- appliances and programs stop some stuff, but have you ever had to use a malware removal tool because something slipped in through email or from a web site?

Er.... no. Did I mention I run a Mac? I worry about that stuff on my school's laptop which is a Dell. It is currently packed away for the summer, so I'll resume thinking about it in August.

How about you? When you're ready, post your answers in your own space, and leave a comment here so we can find you!

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