Hello Saturday

So how's the walking going? Not so great. I flew by 10 and 15, but have been stalled at 20 for weeks. I tried to restart several times, but just didn't get out. So what to do about my stall? Skip it and go to 25. That may not seem logical to you, but it works for me. Or at least it did for today. Now we'll see if I can keep it up. I also made sure to do it in the morning. For some reason during my stall, I had decided that I could walk in the evening. That I would get around to it sometime during the day since I had nothing but free time all day anyway. Well forget that. If it isn't done first thing in the day it doesn't get done.

So this is the time in the vacation where I feel like it is slipping quickly through my fingers. Although looking at my calendar I still have 37 days until I go back to work. I think it is because in the past, before the start date was moved back, my San Antonio convention was a signal that summer was over. I always started back to work the week after convention. The convention starts on the 23rd and I will STILL have two weeks after that. However I have noticed that the little jobs I wanted to get done before school started are starting to bubble their way closer to surface of my every day thoughts. Sigh. I wish I could live more in the moment and not always look ahead. Whoa. Seriously, I just had a light bulb moment. That is something I DEFINITELY need to work on.

Ha...so how live in the moment is my Saturday? Well I already have things planned out. You can't expect me to change 30+ years of conditioning in seconds can you! Anyway, I need to go to Texas Art supply to look at picture framing material. I tried the one in Clear Lake, but it is not nearly as well supplied as the one on Montrose. Then I'm going to stop by the Yale Street Market to see my friends at their booth. And in the meantime? Waste time on the internet of course. My favorite past time.

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