Ramblings on Harry Potter movies

This is a little inside baseball if you haven't followed Harry Potter so be warned.

It is Harry Potter weekend on ABC Family so I am currently watching Chamber of Secrets. Gilderoy Lockhart has just sauntered down the stairs and it reminds me AGAIN that the adults cast for the Harry Potter movies are so incredibly perfect.

The producers have been spot on in their adult choices. Lockhart, McGonagall, Trelawney, Hagrid, Filch, SNAPE (He is so amazing as Snape, He IS Snape.) I can't wait to see Umbridge and Bellatrix, although I'm not ready to watch Bellatrix's big moment in Phoenix because Sirius is still my favorite character.

I'm sure part of the great casting is because they ARE adults and they are experienced actors. They can take the notes on a character and develop it. I also think it is because they aren't the main stars of the movie so it might have been easier to convince the actors that the producers wanted to take on the part.

I have never liked the first two movies as much as the last two and watching them this weekend reinforces that for me. The kids are painful to watch at times. Azkaban and Goblet were much better although I don't discount the effect of not having Columbus as director. Thankfully I think they are growing into their acting skills as they get older and not a moment too soon. Phoenix, Prince and Hallows are going to be challenges.

Tick tock. I have my ticket for Phoenix. I'll be going Wednesday night. And I have about 150 pages left in my Phoenix re-read which I will obviously need to finish before Wednesday evening. And then can you believe it? A week and a half to re-read Prince and then Deathly Hallows will be in my hands. Happy and sad at the same time. Not just me, Stephen King too (thanks for the link Kell).

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