Saturday Check In

Here's my weekly check in on the walking. Last Saturday I skipped over to 25 minutes which ended up being around 3 times around the complex. Keep in mind I walk S L O W. Well sometime between Saturday and Sunday I decided that I was going to walk every other day instead of every day. Give myself a day off as a reward. I knew that would take me through Monday, Wednesday and Friday and I was a little undecided about what to do about Saturday/Sunday. And instead of focusing on time, I was just going to go three times around the complex.

Well this has obviously been the easiest week of it. I'm a little surprised that I had no thoughts of skipping whatsoever. I ended up walking today instead of Sunday and I actually bumped it up to the 3 1/2 around. I think I'm going to stick with this program for a while. I feel my biggest challenge isn't time or distance but consistency and I feel that I can be consistent on this. Time and distance will come.

Regardless of all my minor changes, I've done better than any other time I've tried. As I mentioned previously I would start something, drop off after about two weeks and not try again until months later. I think it is because I promised I would be posting here so I need to do something. So keep asking, keep reminding me that you are watching. It helps.

And I really hope all that blah, blah, blah about exercise making you feel better, relieving stress, etc. is true because I really need it. I think I would have to walk for about 5 hours to relieve all the stress I am feeling but unfortunately I don't have the stamina for that.


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