Travel with me

So here I am in San Antonio at the historic Menger hotel. I wasn't as thrilled to read that it is the most haunted hotel in Texas. I stay here all the time, but I keep forgetting that part. Fortunately I am in the new section. Hopefully the ghosts will keep their midnight wanderings to the original section.

I love the Menger, this the exact thought that ran through my head as I was walking to the registration desk. I don't love so much their, and most hotels, incredible resistance to paying in advance. Take my money, dammit! That way I don't worry about over spending. I know exactly how much I have for food and things I may want to buy at the convention.

This is certainly the most interesting room I have had. It's a tiny square, and the room temperature controls are behind the TV cabinet. Fortunately the cabinet moves easily (trust me I'm not that strong). I also have a lovely view of a square of concrete. It's kind of hard to explain. It is like this section of hotel is in a square and in the interior of the square is a one story roof. Not very scenic, but I'll live. I still love this hotel which is a bargain at $100 a night. All the other hotels in the area are either way, WAY more expensive or they are only $20 cheaper and have none of the amenities that this one does.

Well I need to finish unpacking and then go register and then go to rehearsal. I am singing in a director's chorus with the director of the St. Olaf Choir. My voice is so out of shape. Eek! It should be interesting.

Friendship Pt. II

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