Return Home

I'm back from San Antonio. It was a good convention especially since I don't have to go back to work on Monday. Instead of throwing me into the deep end of the "back to work" pool, I can ease myself in. I sang in a director's chorus which was a lot of fun.

I'd write more about my trip but my mind is distracted. I have learned more about my friend. It looks like he has AML which looks quite scary of the four leukemias. In all likelihood he will not return to work next year. I've been trying to absorb this information for the last couple of hours. I knew that in the back of my mind, but now it is front and center. He is going to have to move in with his parents as he begins treatment which is expected to last 6 months. He is young (34) and in excellent shape. That gives me hope that he will get through this. It will be weird not to have him at school though. He is one of the people I talked to the most on campus. I think the principal is looking for a teacher (not a sub) to fill his position, so even when he returns to work it probably won't be at my campus.

I'm also trying to work myself up to visiting him at the hospital. I don't do hospitals and as you all know I'm extremely emotional. I've only been in a hospital once and that was a few years ago to get a chest x-ray. (Oh... well aside from being born that is...). I'm afraid that I'm going to get upset and I don't want that for him, but I really want to show my support and to show him that I'm there for him. I think I've decided that I would call and talk to him before I go. I think that will help and I can warn him ahead of time about my possible state. Hopefully he'll just make fun of me and that would be great because then things would be the same as always.

Oh yeah, I do have to tell you this. Walking to the convention center you are surrounded by crowds of convention goers and you can't help overhearing snatches of conversation. While crossing the street with the crowds I heard a woman who was obviously starting at a new school in what sounded like a small program tell her male companion "My friend told me that I should wear a low cut shirt the first day." His response? "Whatever it takes." Ewwwww!!!!!!!! I swear, SWEAR this is true.

UPDATE: I realized that I forgot the time I went to the emergency room with a friend that was in the car accident. It was nothing serious (obviously since I forgot), but they took her in just to do a check up. I was strangely calm and unemotional. I imagine myself in that mode but I have so often fallen into the emotional one that I almost find it hard to believe that I could be calm.

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