The freaks come out at night

Or if not the freaks, the nuts. I went out tonight for my first try at night photography. And I can hear two very loud questions from the peanut gallery.

First, those of you familiar with my work may be saying.... haven't you taken night shots before? Yes that is true and I am proud of those shots, but they were all handheld at a high ISO in program mode. Basically, let the camera do it. Until tonight, I had never tried true night photography with a tripod, remote, manual mode and longer exposure times.

Second, those of you who live in Houston may be saying.... tonight? It freaking rained tonight. You went OUT? In the RAIN? At NIGHT? Yes I did and I had a blast.

Thanks to the completely wonderful Martin, I have learned so much about night photography. We walked along the bayou, up over to the Wortham and then back to where we started. It sprinkled, drizzled, poured and was hot and humid all in the space of three hours. My camera stayed under the umbrella and I got completely soaked but it was all so much fun. I haven't looked at my pictures on the computer yet and I'm not sure how many actually came out, but I think I totally love night photography. I always liked the shots that I have seen others take and I was surprised at how easy it was. I shot in manual, using RAW and adjusting the exposure time. I feel by the end of the evening I was getting better at estimating how long the shutter needed to stay open. I also had lots of fun with my wireless remote which I picked up today for the excursion. One thing I did learn and want to pass on to you, my dear readers, is that your water proof camera bag doesn't really work if you don't zip it up and secure it. I'm here to do the in depth research so you don't have to.

I feel like this could be a whole new component of my photography. Things looks so different at night when you use long exposures. The only problem is that I definitely would not feel comfortable walking around by myself for long periods of time. I've actually done that before and I was very jumpy. At that time I wasn't carrying a tripod or taking time to set up shots. So I will be bugging you, my friends, to come with me. Keep me company as I wander the streets at night.

I bet you can guess what next week's theme will be at Photine!

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