Tuesday **

** I know you are dazzled with my witty and clever titles

I wrote in my last post how I needed to get things back on track. I failed spectacularly on Monday. As I told a friend there is a point when you actually physically feel bad being so lazy. I was doing so well until the whole hair/doctor mess and I've felt off kilter ever since. But there is a glimmer of hope. Today I did better.

I did my walking (and since I skipped Monday I will go again tomorrow) and I cleaned up my apartment. My apartment was clean when I got back from San Antonio, but I basically have been on the couch since then and the refrigerator was bare. This results in fast food and to go containers piling up. I threw out the trash, cleaned, mopped and vacuumed and I just got back from the grocery store. Huzzah. I still don't feel that energized and excited, but hopefully starting to eat on a regular schedule and getting off the couch will help.

I'm trying to decide about going to the Technology Bytes Anniversary Party on Friday. This has a lot of shades of the first Houstonist party, where I had a near social anxiety melt down, and I had hoped that I had grown since then. Actually I know that I *have* grown a whole lot and gotten tons better in a lot of situations, but this is still one of those situations that freak me out. But its hard to turn down the host when he is such a nice guy. Decisions, decisions.

I want to take a minute to thank my readers. I was fiddling with my tumblelog (cools links as I find them listed on the side) and updating and editing my blog roll last night. I have to wonder when I read these completely awesome blogs (please visit any one of them!) what the heck people are doing here. You are treated to a melodrama of angst, fear, anxiety, self doubt, silliness, joy. This blog will never be anything more than it is, a highly personal place for me to work out all of those emotions plus more. Maybe it is like watching a car accident; you are here to rubber neck my life. Whatever the reason may be thank you. I know there are a few lurkers around. Say hi. I'm fairly nice and I like to think I am pretty much the person that you see on this blog.

Add weird and moody to the list.

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