Mish mash at 1 am

Tuesday. What a day. It includes being woken up at 3:30 in the morning because some idiot of a neighbor (probably drunk) tried to break into the sprinkler system. My apartment is all wired and complex and if something happens in one, it sets off a building wide alarm. I stumbled outside to make sure the building wasn't actually on fire and then wrestled my cat into the carrier because it was extremely loud inside and slightly better out. The fire department showed up and eventually the alarms got turned off. Of course I couldn't go to sleep for another hour and a half after that and my cat was very unhappy with me. I had to shove her in the carrier because she doesn't like going in there and she's gotten quite heavy (only food that doesn't make her sick or pull out her hair though...). So quite the night last night.

It is late once again. I don't think I'm ever going to get my sleep schedule back on track. I went to the city council meeting to listen to speeches about the River Oaks and Alabama Theaters. I'm usually working when those happen so it was nice to go for once. I dropped off my photo for the exhibit at the frame shop and had a lovely chat with the owner, went to Neiman Marcus to pick up a package for my aunt (I'll come back to this) and went to take pictures of the River Oaks section that is slated to be torn down tomorrow.

I don't think I've mentioned that I have decided to get a second opinion about my hair issues from a specialist, an internal medicine/endocrinology specialist. I had a bad experience with my regular doctor and I want a second opinion from someone who will take the time to really examine me. Apparently from what the friend who recommended him told me, this doctor will do a full examination work up (questions, physical, blood work, urine sample), you know like a real doctor. I figure I'm 35, I might as well have a real exam for once in my life. I can tell you that the office staff was nice on the phone and you know what I think about that and ever since I made the appointment (it's for next Tuesday) I have felt a weight come off my shoulders. I'm sure part of my ease is that I have already had blood work and nothing major showed up so that particular fear is removed. Under my insurance this will cost $45. That is worth my peace of mind no matter what the results. And if it is stress, it is stress and I'll deal with it. But this time I'll feel like I got the right diagnosis. I'll probably be complaining Monday night about not wanting to go, but it is the right thing and I'm glad I made the appointment.

So back to Neiman Marcus. Long time readers know that I collect Estee Lauder perfume solids. Actually collect isn't the right word. My mom and aunt give them to me for Christmas. I love them, they are whimsical, but most of them are out of my reach and if I had $75 - 275 to spend more than likely I would buy something electronic or gadgety. But I do love them and while I was waiting for the sales clerk to bring me my aunt's package I saw the most beautiful one I've seen in a while. Neiman Marcus has special ones made every year that you can only get at their store and this is one. The Great Wall of China. Isn't it beautiful. I just love it. I like them all, but there aren't many that I look at and go wow. I did with this one. Click on zoom view to see it close up. Sigh. Just beautiful.

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