Swimming Pool Pump

Onesome: Swimming-- along? Do you swim? Can you swim? Do you like to swim? Do you have a place to swim? I'm drowning in questions here!

I do swim. I LOVE to swim. When I look out the window of my apartment I'm looking at the pool. I don't go as often as I should. I'd prefer to have the pool to myself so summer isn't the best time. It will clear out some once school kicks back in. I always dreamed of having a house with a pool that I could use every day, although now I think I'd like a townhome in the city and those usually don't have pools in their backyard.

Twosome: Pool--? ...or billiards? Have you played either one? ...or would you like to learn?

I've played pool and I'm TERRIBLE. It was fun though, but I want to emphasize again that I'm terrible. I've only played a few times and it looks fun, but I have a feeling that I will be terrible no matter how many times I try.

Threesome: Pump--ing iron: is that in your reps? ...or does the thought of that style of working out just do you in? Inquiring minds and all that...

Not in my reps. Maybe eventually but not right now and even then I'd have to find someone to help me with it.

How about you? When you're ready, post your answers in your own space, and leave a comment here so we can find you!

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