Brain Dump

Usually Twitter is where I dump the odds and ends, but there is only so much I want to put on there. Important and cool people both subscribe to me there and I don't want to subject them to TOO much of my inanity. Not that you guys aren't important and cool, but if you are taking the time to read my blog you are already intimately familiar with my inanity.

I am now like everyone else. Work starts on Monday. I'm actually ready to get back into a normal routine although on Tuesday I will be at the doctor instead of work, but close enough. I haven't picked out any music or edited the handbook, the two things I wanted to do, but hopefully they will get done this coming week.

I ordered a sticker book from Moo and was especially happy since I got it free from Laughing Squid. I got the book yesterday and so excited to open it up. It wasn't my book. Boo! I contacted Moo customer service (which is stellar) and they are sending me a new book. They asked me for the name on the book so they could reprint her order and when I asked what to do with the book they said to throw it away. Well that just seemed so wrong so I found her and emailed to ask if she wanted me to send her the book. Turns out she had mine (yay!) so we are switching books AND getting reprints from Moo. Sweet.

I went night shooting this evening at the Menil and my brain is FINALLY starting to grasp some of the concepts of exposure. It has always been a fuzzy nebulous thing for me and right now it is still a tenuous hold at best and only in terms of night exposure. But there were actual moments of clarity in terms of aperture and shutter speed and I was so excited.

My friend Jeff lectured me about going out alone, but frankly if I waited for someone to go with, I'd never get to go. I know some of you have said, let's go, but most of that is vague because your lives are busy with boyfriends and girlfriends, husbands and wives, children, etc. Again if I waited, I'd never get to go.

Speaking of Jeff, let me give a shout out to him all the way in far flung Maine. He has had to put up with emails and chats about my various crushes, my broken heart, my loneliness, my medical worries, my job, my blogs and anything else that is bothering me. I dump everything on him. But thankfully most of the time we just talk about photography. So go visit his blog because I wouldn't be a good friend (and we are JUST friends so don't get all excited...) if I didn't pimp it.

Went to Joe Lee's in Kemah today and treated myself to a seafood dinner. I like finding non-franchise places to eat.

My finances are so pathetic that I had to cash in my coin jar so I could have money to go to the Twitter meetup on Saturday, GHPA tour on Sunday and treat myself to the aforementioned dinner. Tuesday can't get here quick enough in terms of money. I'm mostly trying to squirrel away money to pay for a new computer, but if I have to it will cover the dental work that I need.

I have too many photos to share and there is a huge backlog for my photoblog. But I just can't get my mind around putting them on Flickr first. I'm stumped.

All my photos that have appeared on my photobog are now for sale. Click the purchase print link to buy through PayPal. (Buy, buy, buy... tell all your friends!)

My heart is hung up on someone no matter how many times my brain tells it to forget it. And my body is ready to run off with any random person just to get urges taken care of, but the heart is fighting the body. The brain is undecided who to side with. One day the heart, one day the body. Right now the heart is winning all battles, but it just leaves me lonely and alone. I'm a walking three way war.

A majority of my work clothes have decided to either rip, tear or get totally random stains on them that I can't get out even though the washer is clean. I haven't bought new work clothes in years and it isn't like I have the extra money, but it looks like I'll be shopping in the next two weeks.

I'm happy because Northern Exposure has started back at the beginning with today's noon episode. I'll be able to tape them and watch when I get home. I hate having to slog through the ends of shows when they have already started going down hill.

I can't believe you read the whole thing.

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