It looks like this is going to doctor week here at Photine and you know how overjoyed that must make me. (Ugh... NOT.. in case you are new around here). I very well may be in some kind of doctor's office every day this week except Friday (knock on wood).

Today was thankfully only for about 5 minutes. I went to the evil doctor's office to pick up the results of the blood work for my appointment tomorrow. Tomorrow's doctor asked to see them to compare his results. I knew as I was walking out that I shouldn't look at the paperwork because I can get crazy delusions of imminent peril, but I did it anyway. Stupid. Most everything is normal except the cholesterol, but I'd look at some number and think "well it IS in range, but it's on the high end. Must mean cancer" *rolling eyes* I did find my thyroid and it looks like it is completely down the line so of course now I don't want to go tomorrow. But I will because I really do know, there in the back of my mind, that it will ease my stress to get a second opinion. I just don't want to go through all of it again, plus the waiting which my friend told me is considerable with this doctor.

Wednesday I have a dental appointment. Deep cleaning on the other side. I'm not TOO worried about it since I made it through the first one, but I am a little concerned because I have a persistent cough that I can't shake. Which will set me up for appointment #3 this week if I can get an appointment at my asthma doctor for Thursday. Right now I'm worried about it interfering with the deep cleaning and having to reschedule that.

The cough is something that happens from time to time with my asthma/allergies. I haven't been great this summer about keeping on my meds (my fault). When I started years ago I met the main doctor a few times and since then all my appointments have been with the physician assistant. I love her and I think she did a great job with me. I noticed another name on the letter head, but since I never had contact with anyone but her it didn't really phase me. Well apparently the main doctor has left the practice, that second name has taken over AND my physician assistant is leaving. So whenever I do get an appointment I will be meeting with a new doctor. Sigh. I got a newsletter with this news and a reminder section for patients. "What is making you cough?" and "The take-home message is to seek treatment for any cough that lasts more than 2 weeks." I knew that in the back of my mind, but it was like this letter was coming specifically to kick me into action. Double sigh.

I just hope that I can get through my dental appointment without the cough causing too many problems. And I hope I can get through tomorrow without a melt down. And I hope that I can get an appointment on Thursday. And I hope that nothing major turns up anywhere. And I hope... and I hope... and I hope...

I really hate going to the doctor.

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