Two down, one to go

Two doctors down one to go. So let's talk about yesterday. Thankfully the person who recommended this doctor warned me ahead of time how long the wait was. If I hadn't known that I probably would have become unglued. I waited an hour in the waiting room and another two hours in the doctor's office. Most people would stop right there and say forget that, find another doctor. But when I left I told my mom and friends I have never felt so well cared for. This is how all primary care doctors should be. The doctor is not young, in his 70s, and I think he has earned the right to take his time since his name is on the building.

Even though it was a long wait most of it was spent in his office which is a comfortable space, much more comfortable than the waiting room. Once he came in he took my history, talked to me about my concerns and asked some questions. He talked to me about my weight and unlike my other doctor, he didn't threaten me with pills or surgery. After we talked he sent me for tests. I've never had so many tests at one time. I had blood drawn, had to give a urine sample, had an X-Ray taken, an EKG AND a physical including breast exam. Why all the tests? He does it every year with all his patients to track their health.

After the physical he talked to me about the possibilities. He said that it could be thyroid (but I get the sense that isn't it), talked about hormones and stress. He said that sometimes they can't tell what it is, so even if nothing shows and I manage my stress, it may still happen or it may go away. We'll just have to wait and see. At least I would eliminate the medical side and if I need to look at anti-anxiety medicine later I can. He thought that was a good idea and said that I could come back at that point and we'd talk about medicine BUT that he wanted to see me anyway to see how my diet was going (he put me on a low-fat diet... wish me luck!). THEN he started asking me questions about my job. He was interested in how the music program worked and you could tell by his subsequent questions that he was really listening to my answers and was genuinely interested. Not threatening, very easy going, good listener, caring..... a doctor from another era.

And now a twist. The clinic only charged me $30 which is the price for a primary visit. I really thought they made a mistake, but when I went to work today I found out that he IS the primary doctor for my co-worker and her husband and that he was recommended by her husband's cardiologist. Funny how things happen, but I think I have just found my new doctor. Under my insurance plan I don't have to be referred, I can just go. I'm probably always going to worry if it doesn't stop thinning, but I think I will worry much less with a good and caring doctor.

The dental appointment went fine today. My cough didn't interfere and has subsided a great deal, but I'm still going to keep my appointment tomorrow because I know that if I skip it, it will get worse next week when I have to keep more official school hours.

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