Shop 'til you drop

I mentioned previously that all my clothes have decided to kick the bucket at the same time. I'm certainly no clothes horse. I'm not fashionable, I'm not exactly a designers favorite size and unlike the stereotype of most women, I hate to go clothes shopping. But if I was going to do any shopping this was the weekend to do it thanks to tax free weekend here in Texas.

I've never gone shopping during tax free weekend because I haven't gone shopping in a long time except for a few things here and there. (See previous paragraph... I hate clothes shopping). But I really needed new slacks for work so last night I hit up Dillard's. While I was there I remembered that I really love the style at Dillard's. I'd probably BE one of those shopaholic clothes-crazy women if I had the money to shop there, but I just don't. Christine gave me a heads up to try the Greenspoint Dillard's for sales so I may do that next weekend. I still need to find something to wear to the Houstonist exhibition opening.

Today I didn't really PLAN on doing anymore shopping but it somehow happened. (Hey look at that... I was spontaneous!). After a morning meeting and afternoon at the museum district day, I stopped by two specialty shops and two shoe stores. I wish I had a lot more money to spend because I have really neglected my wardrobe for too long, but I just couldn't go crazy. In the end I got four pairs of pants, three pairs of shoes and five tops for about $200. Of course that is $200 I could have used for my dental work or towards a new computer but there is nothing I can do about it. I need decent clothes for work. I really looked for things that I could wear to other places and not just work. Unfortunately in my job I can't just wear T-shirts and jeans every day (or any day for that matter).

Now the logical part of me says, if you buy a new piece of clothing every few months then you won't have a big expense like this, but again... see paragraph one.

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