Just a quick hello. Today was the first day back on the school's schedule. That means instead of wandering in at 9 am and leaving at 3 pm, the hours were 8 am to 4 pm. The difference between my setting the work hours and the school setting the work hours. Unfortunately my sleep schedule is still completely off kilter. I didn't go to sleep last night until after midnight and it is rapidly approaching 11 pm as I write this.

Last night I got to have a nice long talk with my friend Wes. I still haven't been able to visit him because of my cough (I go to the doctor Thursday so stop nagging). It was so nice to talk to him. I never realized how much we talked at school until now. I gave him the blog address so hopefully he will stop by. Probably not though... I just can't get my school friends to read my blog. How pathetic is that! Of course I can't get my readers to comment either. *ahem*

Hmm.... I guess there isn't that much else going on that's exciting. Since the ballunar festival is cancelled I'm trying to decide what to do with the rest of my weekend. I'm pretty sure that I will be going to the educator portion of Theater District Open House Saturday morning and I know that I will be going up to Spring to see Orange Is In Saturday night. I'm thinking of hitting up the full Theater District Open House on Sunday afternoon. I haven't gone in years. But I still have Hairspray on my movie list and now Superbad has been added. And of course there is always the "be extremely lazy" option. That's always a favorite.

Oh, never mind me. You know that I am happiest when I'm planning.

I need a backup plan

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