Calculators may not be used

Onesome: Calculators-- and such: are you good with numbers? Do you have a calculator built in? ...or does the presence of a second column demand some help from something electronic

I'm not good at adding numbers quickly or doing them in my head. I'd rather use a calculator because its faster. I can do it and it would be accurate, just very very slow.

Twosome: may not be-- where you left them. Hmmm... What have you misplaced lately? You know: the item you are flat positive you left in one spot but somehow mysteriously migrated to another!

Well this is how things work in my life. I have a certain place for things, for example my car keys. And that's where they need to go. Because if they aren't there then I'm sunk because I have no idea where in the world it could be. The same thing happens at work. I have files and things must be put back in their file or in their place because otherwise I can never, NEVER remember where I put it. I am forever setting my school keys down at work and then running around looking for them. I told the choir officers that if they ever saw my keys sitting around to take them and go hang them on the hook because I lose them so easily.

So it isn't exactly that I am flat positive I left something somewhere. It's more like I'm flat positive that if something was anywhere it should be in that spot and if it isn't there I'm stymied.

Threesome: Used-- cars? When you buy, do you buy new? ...or do you go for those with a few thousand miles on them?

I've only ever bought one car and I bought it new. I think I'm probably going to be a new car buyer. I don't shop on eBay much either preferring to shop over at Amazon for bright, shiny, new.

How about you? When you're ready, post your answers in your own space, and leave a comment here so we can find you!

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