I'm a ramblin' (wo)man

This is going to ramble because I'm tired and don't feel like marshaling my thoughts into coherent sentences.

I just paid $135 for antibiotics. I'm so annoyed. I really, really hate my insurance especially the prescription coverage. We have a $100 deductible so I was going to have to pay sometime if I want to get any medicine. I finally went to the asthma doctor and he renewed my prescriptions for three months. I've been really bad about getting them filled, basically coasting on samples they gave, but I can't do that anymore. So I was going to have to pay the deductible one way or another and I just decided to go ahead and do it tonight. I'd curse my insurance all the way to hell except its the best thing for Wes (so I only curse it 9/10ths of the way).

I got to see him today for the first time and I am so happy I did. Although since I'm not feeling well and had a cough I didn't get very close to him and didn't stay very long. Hopefully when I get all this cleared up we can hang out more. I was very proud of myself (and so was he) because I didn't have a reaction at all. If you remember I was worried about being weepy when I want to be so strong. I'm wondering if I have some weird reaction to other people's medical issues (because we all know I'm a big baby about mine). I was extraordinarily calm like the time I went with my friend to the emergency room when she was in a car accident. People were crying at work today when he came and I was a rock. Me! I know you can hardly believe it.

Back to the doctor for a minute, I can't believe it but he told me I've been going for NINE years. NINE! I thought it was like six. I couldn't believe it. We are going to retest for allergies in early 2008 and see about reducing the allergy shots. Time flies.

I haven't RSVP'd for the teacher event on Saturday and I have a feeling I'm not going to go. I think I will probably go up to the school to work. But I am definitely going to try to go Sunday to the Theater District Open House. I've never taken the back stage tours. In fact I've never been in the Alley and I should really fix that problem.

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