Deep Thoughts

Well here we go with school year 2007-2008. Today wasn't bad. We saw 4 of our 9 classes today and tomorrow we will see the other 5. The most significant thing about today is that the building wasn't cool. Quite annoying when you have classroom filled with 50 students. Bodies generate a lot of heat. I'm praying that tomorrow it will be more like a meat locker.

I have been thinking a lot lately about how to share and organize my photos. I have been struggling with how to manage my backlog of photos that I want to share and how to incorporate Flickr and my photoblog. I am a die hard photoblogger and was doing it for a while before I joined Flickr. Even after I joined Flickr, I still didn't use it as much as I am now. It is not my primary source for sharing photos; the photoblog comes first. However I have this HUGE backlog of photos now, that aren't making the cut for the photoblog, sitting on my hard drive shared with no one.

So after many long hours of thought and discussion with my posse (ok ... one person), I'm going to try to change the way I use Flickr. It used to be that it was an exact mirror of my photoblog. Now it will be a store house for everything and the cream of the crop will land at Photine. If I did not have a massive backlog it would be easy to move forward with this new organization, but I have tons of photos that I want to share, so you may see a lot of Flickr activity in the coming days. I'll be honest that I still have doubts about handing so many of my photographs over to Flickr, especially when I hear stories about people treating Flickr like a stock photography site. Lots of deep thought that probably interests nobody but me.

Other than that the only other thing I'm working on is my artist statement for the exhibit. We don't have to write one but I'd like to try. It's very hard though because I don't think of myself as an artist in that sense. And to make it even harder, I don't like writing about myself. I know that is a crazy statement for someone who writes a blog, but there are no deep and heavy thoughts happening here like I would need for a good and meaningful description of my work. I guess I want to make it sound more thoughtful than "I take pretty pictures of Houston. Please buy my work" (hee hee Katya....pretty pictures) I have until Wednesday to get that together.

Menil at Night

No rest for the weary