On this rainy night

I'm selecting music on this rainy night. My mixed choir is 7th grader heavy in the boys section so it is more like a Soprano Alto Tenor choir. Unfortunately most of the music in the world is Soprano Alto Tenor Bass and if not, at least Soprano Alto Baritone. I've had to go back through my files looking for a high Baritone part. Lots and lots of madrigals fit the bill. I love madrigals, but the students would probably get bored after a while.

While going through the file I found a piece that has one of the most beautiful texts I ever read. This is a highly advanced piece so I'll never be doing it at my level but I kept the octavo because of the text.

Penalty of Love by Sidney Royse Lysaght

If love should count you worthy, and should deign
One day to seek your door and be your guest,
Pause! ere you draw the bolt and bid him rest,
If in your old content you would remain,
For not alone he enters; in his train
Are angels of the mist, the lonely quest
Dreams of the unfulfilled, the unpossessed,
And sorrow, and Life's immemorial pain.
He wakes desires you never may forget,
He shows you stars you never saw before,
He makes you share with him, for evermore,
The burden of the world's divine regret.
How wise you were to open not! -- and yet,
How poor if you should turn him from the door!

Lost in the crowd

Laugh, love, etc...