The Table

A long time ago I used Village Table for my meals. It was an on again, off again attempt to get my eating on track. I even wrote a post about it when I used to write for Metroblog (long, time ago... there are now three locations). That post has the nuts and bolts of how it works, so I won't go into it again here.

I'm not sure why I stopped using Village Table. Money, time, being a fussy eater. I still have all of those road blocks, but I think my attitude has changed. The first change they actually made, and it was to give a four meal option. The only options before were six or twelve. Four fits much better into my freezer, my eating plan and my budget.

Second, Village Table has nutritional values for all their meals and that now makes a difference to me. I need to watch what I eat, but it is quickly getting boring to fix things at my house with my limited cooking skills (sprinkle something on it and grill/bake it). I like the idea of having a variety of meals AND still being able to keep tabs of the fat.

Finally, was an attitude shift for me about my free time. I used to go to one of the sessions on a weekday night after work. By the time I got home it would be after 9 pm and after splitting the meals up it was time to go to bed. I never wanted to go on a Saturday morning because Saturday's are for sleeping in. That was my time. There is nothing better than waking up late on a Saturday. But it was so much better going this morning. I'm not trying to impress anyone there so I just threw some clothes on and went. I wasn't as exhausted as I normally was and now after having lunch I will be finished splitting up by 1 pm and I could even take a nap.

And to all this a bonus. Generally most meals feed about four people. I ordered four meals so I figured I could get about 16 meals out of it. $80 divided by 16 meals is about $5 a meal. That's pretty darn good. I will only have to buy some salad or vegetables as side items and meals for at least three weeks will be taken care of (there are always some days I can't cook at home because of work). But when I got there some of the meals had more portions. One of the four is going to into four as expected, but two of the meals are going to go into five and one is going into six! 20 meals averaging out to $4 a meal. Now I feel like I made a very wise choice.

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