Short and Sweet

I love this guy. The wonderful JKirlin helped me recover my deleted photos! For free! Yay! I had to do it on a PC but luckily I had my school laptop and we had to use this DOS looking program which was a little scary. Thankfully he walked me through it and it recovered all my deleted shots. JKirlin loves nothing more than people to visit his site, so please stop by and raise his stats.

In other news my jury duty is now complete. I can tell you that it was a car accident case and the plaintiff was suing for recovery of medical expenses plus pain and suffering. We sided with the defendant.

Humberto is a big tease. I was looking forward to maybe, possibly going into work late tomorrow and it has barely rained a drop.

Being out these two days has completely taken me out of the rhythm of school. I really don't feel like going and it is a little early for that don't you think?

I'm sure there is more, but I can't get my thoughts in order. Happy to have my photos back. Looking forward to this meet-up filled weekend with the Twitter meet-up Saturday and the Flickr meet-up Sunday.

Right on Target

September 11, 2001