Busy Saturday

It's been a busy Saturday so far. Usually I'm incredibly lazy on the weekends, but I'm trying to keep myself busy and distracted from anything that might stress me out. I got up early to head to Sterling McCall to get my 15K mile check up on my car. Sterling McCall is far, far away from where I live, but ever since their exceptional service on my car after Allison I have been taking my car for service there. I trust them. The service takes about 2 hours, but I took my laptop and they had free wifi so the time passed fairly quickly. Just as a public service announcement you should use your parking brake on occasion to keep it in alignment as I learned today.

After that I took a swing by Harwin because I really need a new purse. I'm fussy about my purse. I like one that will hang on my shoulder and I don't like the purses with bright colors and that look like they have been attacked by a bedazzler. I want a simple black purse with some space and style so I was out of luck at Harwin because all the purses are pretty much opposite of that. I did however break down and buy some Opium. I thought I could hold off until Christmas, but I just couldn't. I love all kinds of perfume, but Opium is the tops for me and it is my favorite scent. I think it has even recently edged out Joy, although I haven't had any Joy in ages. I've been using White Shoulders as a standby, but that just doesn't hold a candle to Opium. This may sound silly, but now I will feel a little more myself with Opium back in my arsenal.

After that it was on to the Twitter meet-up. I met some nice new people and it was great to reconnect with the old ones, but the best thing was that I finally got to meet Chris! I've known Chris online for years back when he was a photoblogger (that was a LONG time ago). There are other new online friends that I am looking forward to meeting in person, but I have finally, in the span of a few weeks, met two of my longest online acquaintances in Katie and Chris.

After the meet-up I decided to swing by the new Burlington Coat Factory that is opening up on my side of town. As I made a U-turn under the freeway I saw kids on the street corner holding a car wash sign. Upon closer inspection I saw that it was the choir kids from the high school. So I pulled into the parking lot and let my former students wash my car. After that I continued to the mad house that was Burlington Coat Factory and lo and behold I found a purse. I think I am going to completely love it which probably means that it will die quickly. The good purses never seem to stick around for very long and the bad ones hang around forever.

That was my very busy day. I'm decompressing a little and then I'm going to start editing photos. I sorted through a bunch this morning while I was waiting for my car. Tomorrow watching the Texans game on TV and going to the Flickr meet-up.

Busy Sunday

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