Busy Sunday

My head is swimming again. I guess it gets that way after I spend time with a lot of people. Today's Flickr meet-up was a big success in terms of attendance. I think that most people left feeling good about it. I, on the other hand, am feeling overwhelmed and a little burned out on people. I am realizing that even though I am handling myself much better in large group situations, I truly have the most fun one on one or in very small groups. Some of my favorite times recently have been when I have been with just one other person. I like that I can give them my whole attention and I don't have to worry about what other people are doing. I was constantly scanning the group this evening making sure that everyone was taken care of, having a good time, settling in, not getting left out, etc. I know that isn't really my job, but I think that it makes me a good group facilitator. But it takes a lot out of me. So for me today wasn't satisfying on a personal level, but it was on a group administrator level. I'm glad everyone had fun.

This whole being busy the entire weekend thing though is exhausting. I need a day off to recover from my weekend. Previously I would spend entire weekends being incredibly lazy and doing nothing. It has been two weekends of busy schedules and next weekend looks the same. It makes me tired just thinking about it. And I have to get the house clean for my mom's visit this weekend AND it has to be done by Wednesday because I have Open House at the school on Thursday.

Finally, this must be said. I want to state here and now that I am a real Texans fan. I have been a Texans fan since their incarnation and have never wavered in my support no matter how bad the team played. I know many people will soon be jumping on the Texans bandwagon and while some tell me to let it go, it bothers me. I don't think the same people who trash talked the team last year should get to declare themselves Texan fans this year. I guess that is the way it works and I will have to be happy knowing in my heart that I am a true fan.

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