Last night I was so tired I was asleep within an hour of arriving home. Of course I didn't arrive home until after nine so that may have something to do with it. I've said this before, but I've been so incredibly busy on the weekends with meet-ups, school stuff, the exhibition opening... I can't remember the last weekend I did nothing. And it won't be this weekend either.

My mom arrives today. My grandmother turned 90 in August and this weekend is the celebration. We are going to have dinner and then head to the gallery to see the exhibition. There is going to be another reception this evening coincidentally enough so she will get to see my photo AND meet some of my friends. Then we will be up early on Saturday to head to east Texas for the party where we will spend the night. All my long time blog readers know what that means. 24 hours without internet access. Aaarrrrggghhhh. I can't wait until I get an iPhone so I can be connected at all times. Shake the addiction? Bah. I'd rather feed it.

We will be back Sunday and after taking my mother to the airport I will be home briefly to watch the Texans game (no way am I missing this game) before heading out with a friend to see the Red Hot exhibit at MFAH. Tired yet? I am just thinking about it. But hopefully next weekend will be full of nothing. I'll need it because the next three weekends after that are busy. I'm not complaining too much about it. I think I can get used to being busy, I just feel behind on several projects. School is finally starting to even out and I think if I stay late one night next week I can get caught up over there which will ease the load.

In other Friday news I just got unfortunate news about my friend with leukemia. His brother who is a perfect match did not pass a physical so he can not donate. Wes will have to go on the worldwide donor list for a match. Very sad.

Since my visit to the doctor last month I have lost four pounds! Woo hoo! I had not checked before this week because I want to work on making healthy eating choices and not stare at the scale. But it is nice to see progress.

And I'll leave you this Friday with some camera nerdly goodness. How to make an R2-D2 Pinhole Camera.

Need a Recharge

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