Need a Recharge

I'm here. I'm not feeling very chatty and I wonder if I am burned out on people. Christine has told me in the past that she needs to recharge from interactions with people and I have had zero recharge time in the last three weeks. In the last few weeks (hmm... timing coincidence?) I have felt at various times lonely, disillusioned, petty, invisible, friendless, under appreciated and more. I have been very close several times to completely leaving Flickr including last night and once I was ready to ditch this blog although that would be much, much harder and is very unlikely to happen.

This is a definite funk and I hope I snap out of it. Thanks to Jeff for talking me off the delete button ledge, Christine for her timely email and Mark for his calm and soothing friendship at a time when my mind is frenetic. I know that I have people out there which is why this funk is so annoying. And except for going to Wes's house to do some clean up so he can sell it, I have no plans for this weekend and I need it. I need to recharge.

The guys