The guys

Long time readers know that I am a Dancing with the Stars fan. I just finished watching the two-night season premiere and I want to talk about three guys. First let me say that I like almost all the contestants. I'm hoping that the one that I'm not so keen on will be eliminated tomorrow.

But let's talk about three guys specifically.

First, one name that stood out to me on the list of new contestants was Mark Cuban. Honestly I don't know much about him, not being a big basketball fan and I know that people have a lot of strong opinions about him. My only exposure to him really was what I saw tonight . I liked his work ethic and he was as energetic as I thought he would be without the brashness that I thought would accompany it.

Next, I'm not exactly a big soap opera fan either so I had no clue who Cameron Mathison was, but he sure is darn cute! But it's not just his looks (did I mention he's cute?) but I love his goofy sense of humor.

Finally, Helio Castroneves. I think I'm going to totally fall in love with this guy. Charmer, suave, love the accent and he can dance! I do not follow Indy racing (surprise!) but I think he is going to be my favorite.

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