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Hello there. I know I've still been fairly quiet, but I haven't felt much like talking. It's probably still related to my burnout. I must have really, REALLY burned myself out. I'm still not that interested in hanging out with groups of people although there have been moments this week when I've thought about hanging out with one person or another this weekend.

I have work obligations for part of Saturday and I'm going to the Airshow on Sunday (Wheee!). Somewhere in there I want to go to the Greek Festival. We will see how it shakes out. I'm kind of looking forward to doing these things by myself although company at the Greek Festival might be ok. Airshow... I LOVE THE AIRSHOW. I can't explain it, especially since in recent years I have become reticent to fly, but there is something so moving for me about airplanes. I've been going to Airshows since I was a child when the CAF Headquarters used to be in my hometown. My mom and I would go both days every year. I wait all year for the Airshow. I get Prime View tickets and I'm at the airfield by 8 am and don't leave until about 5 pm. I do all my walking around in the morning and I'm glued to my seat once flying begins. I can't wait!

I hope mixed choir goes better today than it did Tuesday. It's a class I usually look forward to, but they ticked me off on Tuesday and they've taken some of the joy and fun out of it. They'll have to work to get it back and I'm not giving them a chance today. Today will be all work, no play.

Stop by Photine and check out today's photo. It is a little different for me in terms of processing. Usually I do not do a lot of processing on images. I see images that are worked on especially by people who know what they are doing and I'm always in awe, but I just don't have the patience to learn all that in Photoshop. The presets in Lightroom allow me to explore and experiment a little more. It's a little unnerving because I'm not used to seeing shots like that one on my website, but I think it is a direction I would like to go.

And finally go read this post. It's completely awesome.

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