Women or Men

Onesome: Women-- buy more cars than men? True or false? Heck, I have no clue; I'm just curious about your opinions...

I've never heard that, is that true? I've only bought one car so I don't think I can answer that. Of course I know of a husband and wife that both just bought new cars and the wife is the one who made the decisions about which cars they would be buying.

Twosome: or-- Jo~Ann or Michaels? Which place would you use to buy your crafty stuff? I mean, Christmas is coming and gift cards would be lovely; let's get the word out now !

If I had a choice I would use Garden Ridge Pottery but there are only three or so in the area and none of them are near me. So my fall back is Hobby Lobby (that's not near me either but closer than Garden Ridge).

Threesome: Men-- are better chefs than women? Bobby Flay or Rachel Ray? True or false? Sure, you can go all Food Network if you'd like (Paula can make my dessert any day; butter, butter, butter!), but who's grilling your ribs?

Well I know that I can't cook and I'm praying that one day I will meet a man who actually likes to. :-)

How about you? When you're ready, post your answers in your own space, and leave a comment here so we can find you!

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