The Good and the Bad on this Sunday

The Good. The airshow. I feel very satisfied with the airshow this year, especially considering what the forecast was for this weekend. On the whole most of the showers missed Ellington field. You could see them off in the distance most of the day, but they skirted around the show. It rained in the morning while I was on the park and ride. By the time we got to Ellington it stopped and didn't rain again until the afternoon. Right before the Snowbirds there was a brief shower that I weathered pretty well, hiding behind my umbrella and letting my legs take the brunt of it. Unfortunately the Snowbirds had to cut their act short because the weather was coming back in again, but I saw lots of flying.

Random thoughts from the airshow. The park and ride bus driver got lost in the morning. Idiot. The sausage was as good as ever. There is just something about the airshow sausage that is SO good. The hamburger was way worse than I remember. I won't be getting that again.

I think I got some good shots. I can't imagine just picking five for Photine. The shots alternate between blue skies and gray clouds just like the day. I used the 200mm Hoya that Randy gave me for most of the show. I know this sounds obvious, but 200mm really makes a huge difference compared to 100mm. Some guy in my row tried to talk me up a little. He had these press passes hanging off of him yet he wasn't in the press section (?). I was irritated with him because he kept standing up, even after a cadet came and told him to sit down. And finally I got an airshow t-shirt for $5 because they were desperate to get rid of them at the very end of the day. Score.

The Bad. The photo exhibit. It is really frustrating me and I'm glad that it is almost over. For some reason the gallery owner promised the buyers that the mats would be signed even though they were hanging on the wall unsigned. This means yet more money for me to spend to get the thing disassembled and reassembled. So far I'm already out $130 in framing and no telling how much this is going to cost.

But even more frustrating than the money are all the demands to get everything done immediately. We just got an email yesterday telling us we had to pick up the pictures today. Thank goodness Christine agreed to pick mine up since I had plans today. Along with the pick up were admonitions from multiple sources to get it signed, re-framed and get it done quickly. Well you know what? I can't jump just because you demand it at the last minute. I'm now going to have to drive to the Heights THREE times, once to drop the photo off, once to sign the mat, and once to pick it back up and take it to the gallery. This is a busy two weeks for me. The next two Tuesdays and Thursdays are booked with concerts and every day I work with students until 4:30. Yet Tuesday, despite the fact that I only have two hours free the whole day, I will be driving in to drop off the damn photo. I'm sure that my reaction is also a carry over from when the gallery owner sold my second print and told me that I had one week to get a new print, get it matted, signed and framed and back to the gallery. ONE WEEK! What's the deal!

Whew. Time for a nice relaxing bath. Nothing is as good as a shower/bath after the airshow, because rarely do I feel so icky and grimy. A mixture of the rain, the sun, the sweat, the sunblock, the jet fuel, the smoke from the pyrotechnics and just being outside for eight hours. It feels so good to wash and scrub it all away. And maybe I can wash away some of the frustrations as well.


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