Bang the Gong

Onesome: Bang--ing your head against the wall? What haven't you been able to get to this week that you really wanted to? ...any hope for next week?

These are generally the two most exhausting weeks of the fall for me almost every year. We have been working with students that are auditioning for a Houston area choir since the first week in September. We start every morning at 7:40 am and we stay every day until 4:30 pm. That leaves little time for doing the mound of paperwork that is required for the job (thus the extremely long hours) and at this point in October it is finally catching up to us. The audition is next weekend so we have to make the final push here in the home stretch and not let up. On top of that is the stream of concerts that we must attend. The high school concert, the other middle school concerts and of course my concert which is on Tuesday. So, no hope for next week either, but the week after? No rehearsals for the first time since September and concert just completed? Heaven.

Twosome: the-- other side of the coin: What have you seen this week that was just really so cool/neat/tight/pick your own buzzword that you just had to describe it to someone?

I saw In the Shadow of the Moon on Monday. I love all things NASA and space flight and I am especially interested in the Mercury/Gemini/Apollo era. It is a documentary that uses archival footage and is narrated by the astronauts that went to the moon in their own words. I knew so many of the stories and seen many of the scenes already but there were still some really special moments. One was when Neil Armstrong's parents were on a game show where people were supposed to guess their big news. Their news was that he was selected to be an astronaut that day. The host then asked them how would they feel if he was the first one to walk on the moon. What a serendipitous question! The sequence with the Saturn V lifting off and then the translunar injection were both especially beautiful. You can watch the trailer here. And you should. Go watch the trailer. And the movie.

Threesome: Gong-- Okay, do you have one of those cute little gongs in your house? ...or a larger one in your garden? Just askin'...

Nope. But if I ever get the urge to hit a gong I can just go to the band hall and let loose.

How about you? When you're ready, post your answers in your own space, and leave a comment here so we can find you!

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