Ender's Game

I love when a book jumps up and grabs my attention. It's even more surprising when it is a book that has been sitting on my shelf for almost a year. Thus is the case with Ender's Game. I can't even remember how long ago I bought it. I know that I looked at the first few pages once, but I just couldn't get into it. But for some reason last night it grabbed a hold of me and did not let go. The book was kind of like a one night stand. It was amazing and explosive, it was over far too soon and it leaves me wanting more (yeah my romantic life is still stalled just in case you couldn't tell....).

I haven't read a good book in a while. I love that feeling that only a good and engaging book can bring. It's interesting that some of my favorite books lately have been young adult books. I think they have a way of focusing on the story, sparking the imagination and not bringing in all kinds of adult baggage that gets in my way. In the YA category, along with Ender's Game, I also highly recommend the Abhorsen series and of course Harry Potter.

In other Saturday news, even though it was an absolutely gorgeous day I stayed in. I slept in although sleeping in apparently means 9 am as I'm getting older. I read, cleaned out the email box, watched TV and processed pictures. My Lightroom trial is about to run out and I probably won't have the money from the gallery for the photos that I sold for another week or so. Hopefully it won't be longer than that.

And I so wish I could say what I'm really thinking about tomorrow, but I'm not sure exactly who reads this blog so I'll just leave it. Sigh. These are the things that make me want to pick up and move somewhere new. Start over completely. How freeing that would be (but I'd miss Houston and my family.)

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