I'm Back!

Did you miss me? I feel like I have been missing from my online world for weeks now. I've been around, but not really. As soon as October hit I had my concert and an audition contest looming over my head. I still went out and did things like the Greek Festival, the Airshow and the GHPA Tour, but always in the back of my mind was the concert/contest which both hit this week.

The last two weeks were especially busy with the high school and other feeder middle school having their concerts, two after school rehearsals with our sixth graders, our concert on Tuesday and the whole time before and after school practices for the contest. We've actually been practicing for the contest thirty minutes before school and an hour after school almost every day since the first week in September. Of course that means that other paperwork that goes along with this job has to be done at some other time. Oh, did I mention the grading period ended this week as well and that grades were due? Yeah, so that's how October has been.

But now it has all come to an end. Concert is over, contest is over (with 10 of my students making the region choir), grades are done, the weather is changing, the sun is shining, rainbows, kittens, happiness, lollipops. I can feel the stress leaving me in waves. I had so much it is going to take a while for it all to float away, but it already feels great. Not that school slows down (we have an evening event Thursday for example), but it will get considerably easier for the next month or so. Yay!

Oh yeah, go check this out. And I'm feeling a little restless with the design so I may be changing it around until I hit on something that I like.


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